2/13/2012 09:30:00 AM

The Best Thing We Ate Last Night: The Chiang Mai Burger at Ngam

How much do New Yorkers love their burgers? So much that even recently opened Thai restaurants need to offer one on their menus. Located just off Union Square, Ngam specializes in "Thai comfort food" served in a stylish setting that includes an open kitchen in the front of the room and a massive communal table at the center of the space. This ain't your neighborhood take-out joint. The menu includes dishes that will surely appeal to Thai fans - gooey caramelized pork belly and a spicy whole Branzino covered in peppercorns and Thai basil. But, there's also something that may appeal to eaters looking for a little meld of cultures.

Witness the Thai burger, a meaty seven ounces that's topped with papaya kraut and some curry paste. Even better is the restaurant's answer to French fries. Their side of Chiang Mai fries (which are also available as an appetizer) are mix of pumpkin and sweet potato encased in a house-made curry batter and served with some sweet and sour peanut relish. The burger, which comes with the crunchy treats will set you back $14. If you just want the fries on their own, they are $6.

Can we establish a new rule? Every restaurant that opens must serve its version of a burger, no exceptions. We don't think anyone would complain (212-777-8424).

Photo: Nicky Famous/Gilt City


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