2/14/2012 11:58:00 AM

Bay Area's 10 Best Restaurants: Vote for Your Favorites

Courtesy of Sushi Ran
This past year, night after night, you dined at quality area restaurants, and now comes the time to make all that "hard work" count. Below find the ratings and reviews for this year's selection of the top 10 restaurants in the Bay Area and beyond, as chosen by you. Don't see your favorite or want to defend what's on the list? Vote in our San Francisco Bay Area Restaurants survey, which is now live!


  1. French Laundry-one more time the tale of the king who wore no clothes...Perhaps the most over rated rip off of a restaurant on the planet. And Gary Danko, the place we waited 35 minutes after we asked for the wine list for anyone to return to take our order. Acquerello, yes, but where is Canteen, Boulevard, Piperade, and 30-40 other places that make French Laundry look like the preposterous waste of money that it is, or the "service" at gary danko an amusing anecdote? This list is a tired cliche'.

  2. This list if fine, but we recently went to French Laundry for a 50th birthday celebration. Second time there and the last! Gary Danko, Cyrus, Meadowood and most in your top 20 have this restaurant hands down. First the service: the waiter was pompous and patronizing. The sommelier pretentious and clearly let us have attitude when the wine we ordered wasn't the $395 dollar bottle he suggested. Food: While some dishes were excellent, others were over salted or nothing special at all. When we said that one dish was extremely salty, all 6 of us agreed, no apology, replacement, or palate cleanser was offered. And of course no bill adjustment. It is sinful enough to spend a months worth of groceries on one meal, but to not be treated to a superb meal with gracious courteous attentive service is simply preposterous! French Laundry is living on legend, and should drop off your list.

    1. The wood-fired pizza place across from Cyrus was a much more pleasurable dining experience--although the service at Cyrus was great.

  3. I went to Garry Danko once and received the steak I ordered medium-rare almost well done. Really? I could better understand under vs. overcooked at a restaurant of this level.

  4. I must concur that the French Laundry is NOT deserving of its place here. During a recent visit there were only two dishes that were deserving of high praise. The remainder varied between simply ok and mediocre. To be considered a world class restaurant every dish must dazzle. When price is factored in, the French Laundry gets a failing grade.

  5. Bay area? Which bay? It's an all day trip from SF to some of these places. May be noteworthy restaurants but there are certainly spots in The City that you can get to on a cable car can get you to a list of 10