2/14/2012 01:23:00 PM

Al Roker Calls Eric Ripert the "Pepe Le Pew of Cooking;" Twitter Outrage Ensues

Via Twitter, we've learned that Today Show host/celebrity weatherman Al Roker called chef Eric Ripert: "the Pepe Le Pew of Cooking." Ouch. Ripert tweeted the following in response: "AL Roker just called me: The Pepe Le pew of cooking?!?!? Al watch out the staircase is slippery today... You could break your leg...(:." Oh boy. Is that a threat, Ripper?

Anthony Bourdain also responded to the news by tweeting these two lines to Ripert: "@ericripert: Roker called you Pepe Le Pew? How culturally insensitive! (can't wait to use in Good v Evil!)" and "Roker's campaign of Hate Speech must end! As an Amcit of French ancestry, I feel damaged! #backtoweather." Ha. We're guessing that these tweets are all in good fun, but do find the comment offensive? Let us know in the comments.


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