2/22/2012 01:14:00 PM

30 Under 30: San Francisco's Hottest Up-and-Comers

Aside from our venerable culinary forefathers and mothers such as Alice Waters and Thomas Keller, the celebrity chefs dominating the current Greater Bay Area dining scene are a pretty young bunch. But last year’s millennial chefs better watch their backs: there’s a whole new crop of upstarts to watch. Click through the slideshow to read about our 30 most promising young restaurant industry folks under 30, and if you're familiar with their work, be sure to go vote in the SF Bay Area Restaurants survey!


  1. Congrats Ethan!!! From sarah rackow siler

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    1. you mean www.mesotheliomaattorneycalifornia.net ??????

  3. I like number 4(Danny Bowein) but not for looks, for what he has accomplished! Now must visit Mission Chinese?

  4. That dude is actually 28 and i know this cuz he's my bro!!! Congrats ETHAN!!!! love you man - keegan

  5. Randy Lutz is the Top Dog on this List!