2/07/2012 04:43:00 PM

The 10 Most Annoying Restaurant Trends On The Today Show

Well it looks like our spirited commenters weren't the only ones with opinions on our recent post, The 10 Most Annoying Restaurant Trends. Earlier this morning on The Today Show, Kathie Lee and Hoda discussed the piece and which trends are among their personal pet peeves. Kathie Lee was neutral on the dog issue, was equally irked by tables too close together and the dreaded water question but had no problem with a server refilling her wine as often as they'd like. Hmm, can't say we're surprised! Check out the entire clip above. (PS guys, you pronounce Zagat like "the cat.")


  1. True about having no space. It's annoying to have a butt in your face every time someone needs to walk by.

  2. Hate to say it, but Kathy Lee looks great