1/22/2012 11:35:00 AM

The Yummy One: Food Truck of the Week

Courtesy of the truck
Those of us who follow the food trucks of Los Angeles have found there's a curious parlor game that can be played with the names of the trucks. Which is to say, based on the name - what the heck do they serve? Certainly, The Cheeseball Truck and The Lobsta Truck and The Bun Truck are fairly easy to guess. But far vaguer is the Me So Hungry Truck, The Comfort Truck and The Munchie Machine. And then, there's The Yummy One - which would seem to serve, well, yummy stuff.

And, indeed, it does. As long as you define "yummy" as Korean fusion cooking, with easily-eaten dishes like the "Bi-Bim-Burrito," a flour tortilla filled with beef bulgogi, crispy chicken, breaded shrimp, or fried tofu, along with lettuce, tomato, onions, cilantro, cucumbers and either red chili sauce or spicy peanut sauce. There are also "Ka-Rae Rice" bowls, "Ssam" rice wraps, and "Ka-Rae Gam-Ja" curry fries - get them topped with bulgogi and Monterey jack for an exercise in fusion on the edge. With kimchi on the side, of course. Yummy! For info, go to www.theyummyone.com or Twitter.


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