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Where to Watch the Super Bowl in Los Angeles

Thanks to the advent of the television so large you might have to build an add-on to your house, most sports fans will gather for the Super Bowl at a friend's house come Sunday, February 5. But there's also much to be said for going to an affable sports-intensive restaurant or bar, where suds can be sloshed without fear of spousal retribution. And luckily, Los Angeles offers a multitude of loud, largely unbridled destinations - which serve lots of brew…and plenty of salty fodder to go with it.

Barney's Beanery: A classic option featuring several hundred beers and a wild crowd of revelers who always seem one sip away from turning into a howling mob. The food is pub grub at its…grubbiest. You may want some heartburn medicine waiting for you when you get home.

BJ's: This ubiquitous chain is famed for its Chicago-style deep-dish pizza, its many beer brewed in-house – and at the newer branches, its entire wall of TVs (and in some cases, one screen that takes up an entire wall). It's a great place to go for those who want to really be in the game.

BottleRock: This Culver City and Downtown oeno-pub offers several hundred wines by the glass, along with a menu of charcuterie and cheese, and numerous big screens overhead. If you grow weary of Buffalo chicken wings, this is a fine alternative.

The Brentwood: There are TVs at either end of the bar at this upscale Westside American, with a menu that features mac 'n' cheese flavored with blue cheese, and some of the crispest french fries in town. And the barkeep mixes a mean martini - for those who take the game, and their beverages, very seriously (310-476-3511).

El Cholo: The bar at the El Cholos are always filled with sports fans who arrive early enough to score a seat on the couches, order their margies by the pitcher and go through many an order of nachos, chips and salsa. And who could blame them?

The Shack: A fine destination for hard-core sports fans who like their beer cold, their burgers hot and their cries of pleasure and pain unrestrained. The fries and rings rock - though do expect to be deafened by the crowd; no one is shy at this Playa del Rey American (310-823-6222).

Yard House: If you can get through the door at this obsessively popular beer chain, you'll find yourself in large rooms dominated by dozens of taps out of which suds pour without cease. The menu is both pubbish and Cal-Asian, with an eclectic assortment of dishes – all of which have been tested, matched with beer and proven worthy.

Ye Olde King's Head: Yes, it is a bit perverse to watch American football surrounded by people for whom soccer is "football." But the Brit expats at the Head do love their sports. And their beer is colder than warm. And the fish 'n' chips, and bangers 'n' mash are the best in town. Ye Olde King would be proud…(310-451-1402).


Rockenwagner's Super Bowl Party Pretzel: For anyone celebrating at home, this unusual treat is available for takeout from Rockenwagner Bakery and 3 Square CafĂ© + Bakery, in two versions – one stuffed with turkey and provolone with lettuce, tomato, mayo, mustard and cranberry sauce; the other with salami, turkey and mortadella with Swiss, lettuce, tomato, relish, mayo and mustard. Each serves up to 12 people for $89. Must be ordered by Friday, February 3.


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