1/27/2012 09:50:00 AM

West Philly Closings Watch: MidAtlantic and Roost

Say goodbye to MidAtlantic
With the recent Philly restaurant boom, it’s easy to forget how fickle the industry can be. It’s not easy to keep an eatery running, and West Philly is losing two tasty options.

It’s not shut down quite yet, but Philly.com has confirmed that February 24 will be the final night of service at Daniel Stern’s MidAtlantic. The University City New American is located in the ground floor of Penn University’s Science Center, a behemoth institutional building on a reatil-bare block without much foot traffic. Despite that, several other restaurateurs have been seen looking over the space, including a representative from Starr Restaurant Organization. Gift certificates from MidAtlantic will be honored at R2L, Stern’s elegant dining room on the 37th floor of Liberty Place in Center City.

Also saying farewell is roast-chicken-and-biscuit haven Roost, reports MealTicket. Proprietors Mau Daigle and Annie Baum-Stein also run local cafe/deli Milk & Honey Market, with outposts in Philadelphia and Baltimore, and are currently searching for a new Roost location. While the first incarnation was take-out only, ideally the new space will be larger and feature sit-down tables. If you ever got a taste of the succulent, juicy birds the kitchen had sent out, you’ll be waiting for the new spot to be open as anxiously as we are.


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