1/25/2012 01:43:00 PM

Valentine's Day Dining Horror Stories

Hey, at least it's not McDonald's
This week, we released the results of our first-ever Valentine's Day Survey (see them here). We found out some interesting info - folks love going out to dinner for the holiday, and are not afraid of dropping a huge wad of cash on a fancy dinner. Well, with all the money (and booze) flowing around, there are bound to be some hitches along the way. One of the open-ended questions on the survey asked respondents to chronicle their worst V-day experiences ever. Below were our favorite horrible meals - warning: train wrecks (and trolls!) ahead.

"High school, my boyfriend and I were dropped off at McDonalds and part of my gift was an Aladdin plastic cup."

"My boyfriend told me he was taking me out and took me to a very expensive place. He expected me to split the bill so I had to pay for half. I would have rather gone to a less expensive restaurant so I did not have to pay so much."

"Sitting at home eating ho hos, watching Bridget Jones (seriously) and drinking cheap wine my first year living in New York."

"My date ordered a full bottle of wine, drank it all, and then his credit card was rejected so he asked me to pay. I didn't, so he found another credit card that worked. But it was our last date!"

"A Valentine's Day dinner where my mother-in-law joined us. Do I have to explain why this was the worst Valentine's Day dinner ever?"

"At the now closed Chelsea restaurant, where they messed up my husbands pasta, replaced it with flabby tasteless pasta primavera, overcharged us, added a tax of 15%, and when I complained, the owner defended the surly waitress, then added: 'It's Valentines Day, what the *&@!# do you expect!'"

"I went on a double date with a blind date a 'friend' set me up on that coincided with V-Day. He showed up and was about 4.5' tall. When we got to the restaurant I immediately dragged my friend to the ladies room where I burst into tears over this troll she set me up with. She said to just make it through dinner and we would leave.

We went back to the table and started looking at the menu. A couple of minutes later the waitress brought over his meal. He had ordered his food while we were in the ladies room. We ordered and then, after the waitress walked away, he scraped his kernel corn off his plate and onto the table because "he didn't order corn". At this point I was in tears at the table. After we ate I wanted to pay for my dinner - I threw a 20 on the table for my meal, but he ran ahead to the station and paid for both of ours. My friend got my money off the table, I thought to give it back to me, but she kept it. I never saw him or my loser friend again."

"Everyone since I've learned how to dine."


  1. I saw a guy propose on Valentine's Day at a restaurant and the girl said NO. Awkward.

  2. We may be in 2012, but chivalry should not be dead. If you can't afford to take your date to the most expensive restaurant, don't!

  3. Re: that last one. She cried right off the bat because the guy was short? What a shallow idiot. Granted, the rest of the date was bad. But still...she didn't know that at the beginning.

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  5. My worst Valentine's dinner date. When half way through the traditional candle lit dinner,I found out my date Paula was really a Paul!!!!

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