1/30/2012 01:44:00 PM

Should People Be Fined for Eating on the Subway?

Dinner car? 
There's nothing quite as gross as standing next to someone on the subway who's shoveling gross-smelling food into their gaping maw, but should this sort of behavior come with a financial penalty? One New York State Senator thinks so. Bill Perkins is proposing a $250 fine for chowing down while in transit - he cites the rodent population in the transportation system as one of the main reasons for the crackdown, but we think the fact that "it's just plain annoying" is reason enough for a change in law.

Though Perkins has proposed the penalty, it's unlikely to pass anytime soon (the MTA is "studying" it). What do you think - $250 is pretty steep if you're caught scarfing a $5 falafel, but will it take something that strict to make the subway food smells go away? That's a tough one.


  1. yes but...
    there need to be reasonable exceptions.
    drinking water when its 100 degrees.
    a diabetic eating so as not to get very ill.
    and moms must be allowed to breastfeed.