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Rachael Vs. Guy Episode 4: "Soul Rolls" and Street Carts

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Things are coming down to the wire on Rachael Vs. Guy. With the series finale only one week away, the competition has been whittled down to only five people, and at the moment it seems Coolio and LDP are the front runners. In the beginning of the night's episode the cast joked about Taylor's shady cooking abilities. She continued to deny that she's ever really cooked before, yet somehow manages to pull through in every Blind Tasting and save herself from elimination. Shady indeed!

For this week's challenge, the celebs had to cook three dishes per team using NYC lunch carts - one item on a stick, one on a bun and one in wrap-form. The challenge of creating a wrap sent Coolio into a tizzy and he began to do "his Michael Jackson" (a bizarre jig that is no Moonwalk). "He's got this one," he boasted, with his secret "soul rolls" recipe, basically a chimichanga that's wrapped in egg roll instead of tortilla. "No one else has a chance against this dish," he declared. LDP was also confident, never missing an opportunity to remind the audience that he is, in fact, a famous movie star (or used to be anyway): "I've been in the movie business 30 years so I've eaten out of a truck a lot. I immediately started planning my menu."

Guy's team was down to just two - Joey and Coolio. Joey decided to make a meatball slider, Coolio was all about his soul rolls and the third dish, suggested by Guy was a bacon-wrapped shrimp with chipotle BBQ dipping sauce. Rachael's team meanwhile consisted of Summer, Taylor and Lou who looked to Rachael for advice in menu planning. Rach suggested for the "bun" item that instead of burgers, that the team make some "sloppies." Hmm, we're not touching that one. They took her advice and do a BBQ sloppy with pickles which Lou handled, meanwhile Summer who "wanted to cook something healthy but loves sausage" deigned to cook a sausage and pepper sandwich. Taylor, who has "never grilled before" and also "never make beef skewers...ever" made a "Tell It To My Heart" teriyaki beef skewer. How apropos.

Some of the cast members had temperature problems while cooking things on the carts - Coolio's oil was too hot and scalded the soul rolls and Taylor's grill burnt her skewers while leaving them raw in the middle. Yikes. During judging, Guy bit into one of Taylor's skewers and spit it out because it's raw in the middle. He was none too thrilled. The boys were in the weeds for most of the competition only having two team members, so they lose some of their business to Rachael's team. In the end though, they were declared the winners for having the tastiest grub and the bottom two from Rachael's team - Summer and Taylor had to square off in the blind tasting.

Taylor was bewildered as usual when Guy announced they would have to create an "amuse bouche" which she understood to be a "moose bouche." Once again, miraculously Taylor drummed up her gourmet skills by preparing a crostini with prosciutto, cheese and truffle oil while Summer made a goat cheese and fig tartlet with balsamic drizzle. Taylor ended up winning and continued her act of being totally astonished. Stay tuned here next week for a recap of the finale!


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