1/25/2012 01:39:00 PM

Pillar and Plough Shutters; Super Linda Ready to Open

Hotel Williamsburg
Some surprising news coming out of the Hotel Williamsburg. Pillar and Plough, the lodging's New American eatery, has closed after only two months in business according to Eater. Ouch. The shutter apparently has to do more with the pending sale of the hotel (which also just opened) and less with any lack of business at the restaurant, but it did seem pretty posh for this hipster-laden hood. There's no word if a new restaurant is planned for the space.

There's happier buzz coming out of TriBeCa, where giant Latin-inspired restaurant Super Linda is gearing up to open on Monday. The eatery is from Matt Abramcyk, who was one of the owners of Beatrice Inn back in the day. The Times filed an epic profile on him, which you can check out here. As for the restaurant, expect a grungy decor, plenty of antiques and a lounge in the basement.

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  1. Super Linda looks like a dump with a bunch of under aged jail bait. It's something like this fat guy trying to be cool when he is a Syrian Jew from New Jersey laundering money for the big boys and running drugs.