1/25/2012 11:07:00 PM

Enter Our Best Meal Ever Contest Now!

By James Mulcahy
You know you want to win $250 to spend at a restaurant at your choosing. With our Best Meal Ever contest up and running, entering is easy. All you have to do is head to this post and leave a comment detailing the best grub you ever had - we'll sort through all the entries and pick the cream of the crop. Five winners will each receive a $250 gift card, which they can use for a gut-bomb blow out of their choosing.

Hit the post up, and get entering. Maybe your best meal included a huckleberry bread pudding like the one at Arizona's Roaring Fork, featured in the picture above. If you want to check out the recipe for that tasty dish, here it is on our Google+ Page.


  1. My best meal ever was:Rigatoni polo oreganata at Tscanini restorant located 179 main street in Port washington.. ToscaniniPW.com

  2. My best meal ever was at Le Chandelier in Paris in 1984 with my then fiance, now husband. He was from the midwest, kosher, a real meat and potatoes guy, and had no idea how food could be sensual and exciting, and that dining could be an continuously wonderful experience. The restaurant served classic French food kosher in an elegant, 18th century environment. From magret to cassoulet to souffles to mousse, his five senses were stimulated, his culinary horizons were expanded, and love bloomed with fine food, with quality ingredients, with careful presentation, and with me!

  3. The seldom-available Croc-'O-Duck at Big W's Roadside Barbeque in Wingdale, NY. Imagine smoked duck, braised in its own juices until it falls off the bone with vegetables, and served over their signature "dirty" basmati rice. It is a dish so rich and flavorful that words fail to describe it anywhere near adequately. Their killer chocolate brownie concluded the festivities, which left me wondering what the poor people at the “name” restaurants were having.

  4. The absolute BEST dining experience ever was at a small restaurant in Vancouver, BC called Connor Butler. Sadly, it is no longer open, but it should be and where ever Chef Butler is I am sure he is turning out amazing culinary masterpieces.

    The restaurant featured an 11 course surprise tasting menu. Now, most of these types of menus are set, but at CB, the chef actually came out of the kitchen to interview me on my preferences, interests and tastes. I mean, if you and I both went and sat at the same table we would have entirely different meals based on our individual interviews with Chef Butler! What materialized after than can only be described as culinary heaven.

    He began with pumpkin soup - rich, creamy and just enough spice to be reminiscent of pumpkin pie or spice cake. Then on to a scallop dish with fresh tiny spotted prawn and red pepper sauce. Then there was the foie gras that made me fall in love with roasted foie gras to be rivaled later in my life only by the foie gras at Craft. A few courses more and there was bergamot smoked pork belly that was actually served with the delicately scented smoked encircling it under a glass cloche! The piece de resistance was a huge piece of beef tenderloin (huge - no tasting menu portions here) served over ricotta gnocchi that were so light they nearly melted into the port sauce all cover with a GENEROUS helping of sliced white truffles! Desserts included apples three ways and a deconstructed chocolate banana milkshake.

    Ohhh, I can still remember every taste of the food and the wine. Yes! The wine. While Connor worked his magic in the kitchen Ron was creatively pairing my wines sometimes bringing out three selections to discuss how the food and wine played on my palate. Often Ron did not know what Connor would served until the kitchen door opened and then he would smile and run to the bar to return with surprises. At the end of the meal I actually bought a bottle of Township 7 Cab Sauv to bring home I loved it so much. Sharing it with my dad a month later he said it made him rediscover Cab Sauvs.

    As if all this weren't enough . . .during the meal. Connor came out, sat with me and shared a glass of wine and discussed his culinary adventures through Europe!

    Wow, wow, wow! All of this for a total of about $250 I might add.

    I returned to CB once more two years later and had an equally impressive meal, but nothing will take the place of that first experience.

    Find Chef Butler, trust him, and eat whatever he serves you!

  5. We had an amazing feast at Cafe Monet in Millburn New Jersey
    Although the setting is more relaxed the innovative French cuisine and service are stellar.
    Our group was celebrating a birthday when we dined on a meal of farm fresh Bio-dynamic produce and grass fed meats paired with Bio-Dynamic wines.
    Amazing !

  6. Its not food its a religeous experience. A table at L'Atelier at the Four Seaosnosn Hotel New York is just that, with every bite you can hear the angels sing and see the bright lights of heaven. When you enter you climb a grand staircase that sets the mood for something special is about to happen. You enter the room with soaring ceilings and a back drop of an open kitchen with the flames of a rotiserrie anchoring the view. You are graciousely escorted to your table and the fun begins. An I Pad was provided to choose from a large selection of wines.Service is flawless, confident and warm. I started with the steak tartare...oh my god....it has ruined this for everyone else, rich creamy perfect balance of prime tenderlioin hand cut and delicately mixed with capers onions eggs....cancel the main course and just give me three portions of this. I then had the flank staek, prime flank prepared on the plancha as you watched the chef make a perfect sear serve with the finess of a handling a new born baby. The dessert, thee steps closer to heavens gate, choclate mouse piped into a hand blown glass ball perched proudly on a plate, crack the dome of sugar to get to the mousse and you can hear angles sing.....yes its not food its a relgiouse experience

  7. The best meal I've ever had on this continent was
    at Melisse in Santa Monica, California. I had a 5 meal course diner which was out of this world from the Egg Caviar to the Lychee Meringue. The service was excellent and being able to speak to the 2 star Chef Josiah was truly an honor.