1/26/2012 09:35:00 AM

10 Restaurants/Bars Where You Can Meet "Your Type"

Score a honey at Ayza
Nothing strikes more fear into the hearts of singles than two words: Valentine’s Day. But don’t fret. There’s still plenty of time to find a date - you just need to act quick. That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide on 10 places to dine/drink when looking to meet the man or woman of your dreams. Relax cupid; we got this.

If You're Looking For: A well-to-do hipster

Check out: The Wren

Its sister bar Wilfie & Nell is perpetually packed with attractive singles, and this recent East Village addition caters to a similar-ish crowd with its rustic-chic vibe, serious cocktails and upscale pub fare to boot. Go here if you want to meet a laid-back hipster wearing black-frame glasses who might actually have a nine-to-five.

If You're Looking For: A down-to-earth alcoholic

Check Out: Trailer Park

Don’t let the name put you off, this no-frills joint is just what the doctor ordered on those days when the cold, unfriendly city has you down. Its wonderfully tacky decor, cleverly named drinks (Jim Bob’s I.Q., Lover’s Concerto) and prices fit for a pauper provide an escape from the city of $18 dumplings, subway stank and mean people. Go here if you want to meet a down-to-earth cityite drowning his/her sorrows after a long day of work with tater tots and champagne in a can.

If You're Looking For: Someone old or freaky

Check Out: El Quijote

Open since 1930, this spacious Chelsea Spaniard never ceases to astound us with its incredibly random clientele (Cyndi Lauper, Adrien Brody, old people with canes), servers who deliver food on rickety pushcarts and the fact that it’s always, always crowded whether it’s a rainy Tuesday night or New Year’s Eve. The food satisfies (particularly the lobster special), the margaritas are perfect and the time-warp decor is so peculiar it’s cool. How could you not love it? Go here if you want to meet someone you would never otherwise meet. It helps if you loved the movie Serendipity and believe in fate.

If You're Looking For: An American Psycho-type

Check Out: Avenue

When you're just dying to dance on a table, this West Chelsea nightclub fits the bill, offering music, dark lighting and multiple areas in which to make out. Go here if you want to meet bankers or trust-funders with enough money to think bottle service is a reasonable choice in life. You'll also find scantily clad hostesses, or bit players on Gossip Girl.

If You're Looking For: A divorced forty-something

Check Out: Wolfgang's

These slick steakhouses offer everything you’d expect: grand environs full of meat and men. Go here if you want to meet a suit-wearing guy who swaggers, talks about his portfolio and knows the thread count of his sheets.

If You're Looking For: A macho ex-frat dude (who cries while watching Top Gun)

Check Out: Southern Hospitality

Beer and BBQ beckon brosefs to this UESider (with a Hell’s Kitchen sib) where the wallet-friendly prices, friendly servers and TVs tuned to the game basically make for a never-ending sausage fest. Go here if you want to meet an ex-frat guy who lives with three of his best bros, thinks museums are a form of torture and who refers to Jameson whiskey as "Jame-O."

If You're Looking For: A twenty-something girl

Check Out: Ayza Wine & Chocolate Bar

If ever there was a place filled to the brim with girls, girls and more girls, this wine bar duo is it. Guys, it doesn’t get much easier. Go here if you want to meet twentysomething girls who haven’t totally figured out that in order to meet guys, you have to go places where guys like to hang out (hint to the ladies: think cheap beer).

If You're Looking For: A man's man

Check Out: Wildwood BBQ

Ladies, BBQ joints are man havens, plain and simple, and this massive Flatiron spot with its long bar, even longer drink menu and favorable lighting is a solid choice - even more so when you realize there are dudes everywhere. Girls, it doesn’t get much easier. Go here if you want to meet a real guy’s guy who wears button downs and loves sports but also has a sensitive side and will watch Millionaire Matchmaker with you.

If You're Looking For: Someone who just moved here

Check Out: Lillie's

After getting off to a relatively quiet start when it first opened a few years ago, this spacious Flatiron pub now draws loads of post-work professionals looking to drink, eat and scope out the scene. Go here if you want to meet a yuppie with a Facebook, Twitter and Google+ account.

If You're Looking For: A sure thing

Check Out: Crif Dogs

When you think hot dogs, you might not think pick-up spot, but this compact East Villager is often filled to the brim with packs of singles scarfing after a long night out. Go here if you want to meet an easy target. All you need is one person to be perplexed by the phone booth entrance to PDT and the conversation will practically start itself.


  1. I love this post! The types were funny and descriptions, spot-on. If I lived in NYC (and was totally desperate), I'd use this as a date-finding guide.

  2. Fratty waspy guys: Bull's Head Tavern on Thursdays

  3. Love 'Trailer Park', great margaritas!

  4. Great article, with good intel!